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What's new at PIU?

New Markel American products! 

Markel Bicycle - For the first time anywhere you can now access Markel American's Bicycle program through PIU!  It's available online for quoting through the MAGIC system.  This program provides the best in coverage for your avid bicyclists with high end bicycles!   If you need access to the system please contact don@piuinc.com.

New Dwelling Fire - You can now access brand new Dwelling Fire products in WA & OR.  The WA is a revamped version of the old product and now available on MAGIC for immediate online quoting.  The OR product is brand new and also available on MAGIC! If you need access to the system or training please contact don@piuinc.com.

PIU in Arizona! 

 PIU is happy to announce that we are licensed in Arizona and have authority with many of our carriers in that state.  Please contact our marketing rep Brian Fassburg to learn more! - brian@piuinc.com or 425-771-8988.




Markel American Webinar:


You are invited to attend a Products and Processing Overview  webinar presented by Markel American Insurance and Pacific International Underwriters:


9/25/14 at 10:00am


To register for this webinar contact Don  - don@piuinc.com



American Modern Webinar:


You are invited to attend a Products and Processing Overview webinar presented by American Modern Insurance Group, Inc. 

and Pacific International Underwriters


10/15/14 at 10:00am



To register for the American Modern webinar, click on the link below.  You will be sent the webinar link and toll free phone number for attending soon after your registration is received.


Click Here to Register



If your agency would like us to arrange an exclusive personal lines webinar, for your agency only, please let us know. 

We'd be more than happy to make those arrangements.  Thank you!

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Need access to these systems?  Contact Don - don@piuinc.com or 800-562-8403



Mobile Food Risks - Admitted Auto/GL/IM Package (if qualifies)

If you’ve noticed the trend there are more and more mobile food options every time you look.  From your neighborhood taco truck to rows of mobile food carts lined up at concerts, festivals, and fairs, they’re just about any place hungry people convene.  It’s also clear that not all mobile food operations are the same.  There are food trucks with all of the kitchen equipment built in.  There are trailers pulled by trucks and dropped off at their final destination, and there are also food carts without wheels. 

At PIU we can help you with all of them!


Food Trucks:  (Auto, GL, Property, & I.M.)

PIU’s Business Auto Quick Quote sheet (or Acord), plus the "Restaurant /Tavern /Bar  Supplemental Application” application with Acord 125 & 126 and 146 (if I.M.)


If risk qualifies, an admitted package with Auto/GL/IM is available!


Food Carts:  (GL,  Property, & I.M.)

The  “Restaurant /Tavern /Bar  Supplemental Application” application with accord 125 & 126.  For property accord 140, and for I.M. Acord 146.   

If risk qualifies, an admitted package with GL/Property/IM is available!


Admitted carriers available for vehicles.  Admitted or non-admitted available for GL & property, depending on the specifics of the risk. All carriers “A” rated or better.


Contact Diana for a quote


Tattoo & Piercing Program. -All tattoo & piercing artists in WA were required to be insured as of 7/1/10, and many currently are still not.  Others may have put in place "premises only" liability policies that do not cover all of their exposures.  PIU's program includes professional liability, transmittal of infectious disease (which other programs exclude), with many many coverage options. Our unique program has had some exciting recent updates.  Infectious disease coverage is now available at higher limits than we previously offered.  We have removed the CPR requirement, and now allow tattooing on minors age 15 and older.  Assault & Battery coverage now available too.  Our program can cover permanent make-up and no longer excludes "blushing" or "eye shadowing."

 - Contact Kinh - kinh@piuinc.com or Diana - diana@piuinc.com for more!      

Updated Application




NPP premium financing & financing incentive program

It makes sense to finance policies at the same place where the policy is serviced.  There’s less chance for confusion resulting from incorrect premiums, policy numbers, and policy terms/conditions, not to mention coordinating cancellations and reinstatements. NPP premium financing is available for most accounts written through PIU with a few exceptions.  Policy premiums must be in excess of $1000.00 and typically 25% down is required.  Transportation policies being placed through the ACH program do not qualify.  Please contact Brian: brian@piuinc.com with any questions as there may be a few other exceptions.  Please request that we forward you a finance agreement with your quote, or get you set up with your own user ID & password to create your own agreement.  PIU is also offering you an incentive to use the program.  Click here for details!


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