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Homeowner   WA, OR, ID, & AK (not Sutter)


Markets: Lexington, Sutter, Lloyd's, American Modern Home
  • Homeowner coverage can be placed from a minimum value of $20,000 to a maximum value of over well over $1 million. 
  • HO3 homes must be well maintained with pride of ownership. 
  • HO8 available for those who do not qualify for HO3.
  • Vacation rentals can be written with Lexington on an HO3 if seasonal/rentals.
  • Green-built, in-ground, dome roof, and other "hard to place" homes considered.
  • Updates on wiring are required and no Knob & Tube wiring is accepted.

Dwelling/Fire    WA, OR, ID & AK


Markets: American Modern Home, Markel American, Lexington, Lloyd's

  • Dwelling coverage can be written on rental, seasonal/ secondary, and vacant dwellings.
  • Vacants can be written on a Lexington DP3 if value $200,000 or more.
  • Vacant policy terms of 3, 6, or 12 months available with American Modern
  • Vacants can be written under LLC's and or in the "Estate of."
  •  We have a alternative market for rental and seasonal dwellings for $300,000 and  over.
  •  Wiring updates are required and no Knob & Tube wiring.
All risks are looked at individually based on information submitted on our Dwelling Quick Quote Sheet to determine acceptability for quoting.

Elite Collector Auto Program  WA, OR & ID - Click here to use American Modern's "Quick Rater!"


Markets:  American Modern Home
  • Top collector car market in many regards. 
  • Antique, classic, collectible, custom, exotic, and street rod vehicles all can fit into our program as long as they are collectible, clean and original or restored.
  • Many mileage options including 1k, 3k, 6k, or unlimited.  Rollover miles available too!
  • Agreed value policies available.
  • Binding authority extended through modernLINK for values up to $150k.  Additional authority available through PIU.
  • Commuter & youthful driver endorsements available!
  • Extremely competitive with other similar carriers!
  • If you have a car you want us quote, submit one of our Collector Car Quote Sheets
Mobile Home / Manufactured Home    WA, OR, ID & AK


Markets:  American Modern Home & Markel American


Our markets can place coverage for well-maintained manufactured homes in good condition showing pride of ownership.  Coverage is also available on a by-line basis for homes on larger pieces of property, owners with multiple animals or other special circumstances.  Our markets can write policies for the following mobile home uses:
  • Primary
  • Secondary / Seasonal
  • Rental
  • Tenant (HO4)
  • Vacant
  • Commercial (Limited)

Complete an online Mobile Home Quick Quote Sheet to receive a quote from Both our markets (American Modern Home & Markel American)

Markel's Product Manual

Motor Home / Travel Trailer   WA, OR, ID, & AK


Markets: Markel American & American Modern Home

Whether for pleasure, full timer, limited rental or commercial full time rentals, we have various programs available with the following optional coverages:
  • Unit values up to $300,000
  • Unit replacement
  • Full timer live in / travel packages
  • Coverage for units over 15 years old
  • SR-22 filings
Submit our Motor Home / Travel Trailer Quick Quote Sheet for a quote today!


Motorcycles / ATV    WA, OR & ID


Markets: American Modern Home

  • We have a motorcycle program to meet all of your needs from a Harley Davidson to high performance bikes and ATVs. 
  • Our Harley Davidson preferred program and our "Tourider" program offers discounted rates for the older, experienced driver with good driving records.
  • For drivers and motorcycles that do not qualify for the above programs, we have other programs with include coverage for high-performance bikes and ATV's
  • Try our online Motorcycle Quick Quote Sheet to see what program your bike fits in.


Watercraft / Jet Ski     WA, OR, ID, & AK


Markets: American Modern Home & Markel American

  • We have a personal watercraft / Jet Ski program  that offers package coverage which includes Jet Sport Liability for operators 16 years of age with valid driver's license.
  • We also have a watercraft program for boats up to 60' with values up to $100,000.  (Higher limits/lengths can be submitted for approval) 
  • All watercrafts must be well maintained. in good condition,  new or recently insured and all operators must be at least 16 with a valid driver's license.
  • Yachts can be placed through the Markel Helmsman Yacht program.
  • Wooden boats, "live-aboards," and hard-to-place accepted.
  • For Commercial Marine, see Commercial Section
  • Please submit any watercraft application for a quote

Umbrella  WA, OR & AK

Market:  Scottsdale

We offer an excellent umbrella program through Scottsdale:

  • High profiles—such as sports cars

  • Homeowners or auto liability insurance with another company

  • Young drivers in the household

  • Motorcycles, jet skis, ATVs, snowmobiles, and golf carts

  • Farm exposures

  • Primary and Excess available

  • Target risks such as celebrities and public figures are eligible

  • Driver exclusions available to provide the ability to engineer risks with “driving record” issues

  • We offer options to extend coverage to additional residences—such as rental properties—and to write excess coverage of another umbrella policy. With limits from $1 to $10 million.



Flood    WA, OR, ID, & AK


Markets:  Fidelity National Property & Casualty Insurance Group

  • Sign up for our Write Your Own flood policy.

  • Personal & Commercial flood available

Contact Brian: to get set up!