1. Capitol Indemnity/Capitol Specialty
            Rated A Admitted/ Rated A, Non-Admitted

     2. Northfield Insurance Company
            Rated A, Non-Admitted

      3. Ategrity Insurance

General Information:

PIU would like to help you get your contractors the insurance coverage they need. We have several markets in which to place contractors and a few classes that we are especially competitive in. 

General Contractors: We have an excellent program doing no more than 14 homes in any one development, new construction residential multi-family is 3 units or less, as well as Job Supervisors and Paper Contractors.

Remodelers: We have a very competitive program for remodeling which also includes additions.

Artisan Contractors: From landscaping to framing, most classes are available and competitive! These include roofing, siding and even some harder classes. Up to 14 home/units in any development, new construction on multi-family is 3 units or less, with a few of our most competitive artisan classes like pressure washers, landscapers, tree trimmers, tile/floor covering, handyman, and framing.