Employee List


Jillian Fassburg, President
Brian Fassburg, V.P Marketing/Producer Appointments
John Gerhard, Marketing Representative – Oregon/Idaho
Mike McBride, Marketing Representative – Washington/Alaska
Tricia Kerr
, Office Manager/Accounting
Kathy Colvin, Reception

Ext. 200
Ext. 219
Cell: (360) 881-7864 – Ext: 101
Cell: (425) 931-9206 – Ext: 202
Ext. 203

Transportation & Garage

For general inquiries, please use the email below.

Michaela Lidnin, Underwriting Manager
Arlene Thompson, Underwriter
Katharine King, Underwriter
Lori Greenfield, Underwriting Assistant
Desiree Grimes, Underwriting Assistant

Ext. 214
Ext. 213
Ext. 208
Ext. 210
Ext. 207

Commercial P&C

For general inquiries, please use the email below.

Connie Toomey, Underwriter
Freya Xing
, Underwriter

Ext. 222
Ext. 204

Personal Lines

For general inquiries, quotes, policy changes and cancellation requests, please use the email below.

Annie George, Senior Underwriter
Rachel Scholz, Underwriter
Samantha Lefever, Underwriter
Brendon Cleary, Underwriter

Ext. 206
Ext. 201
Ext. 217
Ext. 220